New thought, ancient thought, it's all timeless and infinite God wisdom; true universal spiritual principles have transcended across time as universal spiritual laws, showing and teaching us how to align ourselves with the Supreme Source of Energy, in order to reveal our true nature, and become aware of God within, through our own awareness.


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It's about recognizing and realizing that God and we are ONE, that any sense of separation only distances us farther away from our potential. It's about realizing that we already have the power to choose our conception, which translates into a mirror image, manifesting in our lives.

Earnest Holmes took the best from Eastern and Western philosophies, psychology, spiritual practices, and science in order to develop a sound method as an agent of change and transformation. Perhaps the most significant tool is the Spiritual Mind Treatment, which for many years has changed the lives of thousands of people.



Science of Mind’s ultimate goal is to help others live a free, more satisfying life, filled with fulfillment and purpose. To accomplish this, Earnest Holmes based his ideas of ancient sacred wisdom.. As a licensed Practitioner, I realize I'm in constant spiritual evolution and know this to be true for you as well. As an instrument God, I’d like to assist you in looking within, develop the ability to access your Divine Truth, through affirmative praying, meditating, teaching, or by mere heart-listening.

I know that as we incorporate spiritual tools and follow the laws of the universe, we discover inner abilities, inspiration, motivation, prosperity in every aspect, and tranquility of mind. Remember, the language of Spirit is universal and I offer spiritual support in both English and Spanish; call me!