What is  a Licensed Practitioner?
A person who is trained in the Art, Science and Skill of Spiritual Mind; a Practitioner treats the Cause and asks questions that reveal more of the Mental Cause of the False or Limiting Beliefs so that Truth can be revealed.
What is purpose to consult a Licensed Practitioner?
To deepen in one's Consciousness to reveal the beliefs we hold and create our reality.
Is it faith specific?
No, consulting with a Practitioner
is not faith specific; everyone is welcome.

What are some of the benefits?
A client discovers old paradigms and learns how to change those false or limiting beliefs for the purpose of changing thoughts,changing minds, and modify one's own reality.
What else can a Practitioner do for me?
A Practitioner can Spiritual Truth for you, support you through prayers and mind treatments but also assist you in revealing process.
Where would we meet?
We can hold our Practitioner session at the Universal Spirit Center.
At what times can we meet?
For now, we can meet any weekday after 3:00 PM or anytime on weekends.
What is the cost?
$90 USD, special fees for students, TBD.
How long are the sessions?
In general an hour, more if needed.
Best way to contact you:
Via e-mail or telephone.