In the last four years my life was hard and tested my limits. Thanks to Dr. Ceja, I was able to concentrate on one day at a time, prioritized my life and get through my hardships. Dr. Ceja inspired me to continue and not fear my life. He gave me positive advice to concentrate on my blessings and used my interpersonal strength to succeed in my life. In this moment I am enough! Thank you Dr. Ceja. By Ms. Daisy Galeana, Ph.D. candidate claims.
I met Dr. Ceja in August of 2010. He was the liason between the school representatives and parents at Chula Vista Middle. From the very beginning it was clear how caring and compassionate he is. He always made us feel comfortable and that was the reason why later on, in 2015, I reached out to him for a personal matter. His ability to listen without judgment and to provide advice in a caring way helped me put things in perspective. I feel lucky I met him and even more to count him as a friend. I say this with all sincerity, Mrs. Winter states.
Dr. Ceja’s passionate interest and sensitivity to personally treat each individual in an exceptional, respectful and caring manner is very admirable and worthy. He has the cognitive ability to help those encountered by him, myself included, feeling inspired, motivated and strengthened to move forward in any endeavors confronted. Many of my accomplishments as staff member and personal growth are due to Dr. Ceja’s inspiration and motivation… . By Mrs. Virginia Martinez.
Dr. Ceja has incredible characteristics that have helped him become a respected leader and member of our department and staff. His listening skills have helped in guiding us in the right direction in matters that need attention. His calm demeanor always helps diffuse a situation and his guidance assures a good plan to a solution. Sincerely, Estela Garza and Carla Hammond.
«Tony Ceja es … una gran persona que admiro; sabe escuchar, receptivo y sensible, enorme capacidad para conocer a las personas y atender con precisión», por Juan M. Castro, Escritor-Autor de la novela Abandonados en la Oscuridad.